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Babies and Children

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The ability to experience life through our children can create a lifetime of precious memories. As parents, we are well aware of how fast our children grow up. What better way of remembering those precious moments in our child’s life than with a children’s portrait.

We love capturing these special moments through a variety of creative photo sessions, designed especially for children. Call us today to arrange a personalized session to celebrate all these milestones in your child’s life! They are a great gift to give yourself today… and your children tomorrow.

One of the most fun programs we offer is our Baby’s First Year program. And it makes a great gift for that expecting family! Here’s the details:

Baby’s First Year Program

From day one, your child begins to show exciting changes. We want to capture those changes and exploration with you. Our Baby’s First Year program is designed to do just that by including four studio sessions at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months.

Each session is custom designed to capture your child’s personality and expression with portraits that you will treasure for a lifetime. Best of all, you will receive a free Baby Storyboard Collection which includes four images, one from each session.

Bonus! At one year, we provide a birthday treat that will be great fun for your child. It’s great for everyone!

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