Preserve Your Memories

Shoebox Scanning

Does your memory storage system look like this? Those shoeboxes full of memories can come out of the closet now! Shoebox scanning is an easy, affordable way to preserve and share your treasured photographic memories. We will scan your loose prints in sizes wallet (2-1/2 x 3-1/2) through 8×12 to a CD or DVD for permanent storing, easy sharing and printing for as low as $0.39 per image.

Your images will be scanned at 300DPI at their original size and saved as JPG files on an archival CD. We will make minor adjustments for vibrancy and/or color. Copies of your archival CD can be made for an additional charge of $5.00 each.
Just a reminder that images with copyright restrictions cannot be copied without consent from the photographer.

Here’s how to prepare your prints for scanning:

  • Remove all prints from albums or envelopes. We can only scan loose prints.
  • Sort prints grouping same sizes together, face up. Within each size group, keep horizontal images together and vertical images together facing the same direction, oriented top up.
  • You can request images be scanned in a specific order regardless of size but additional charges apply. Here’s a suggestion: If you want to keep groups of photos together, place an index card with some pertinent information on it and we will scan the card along with the images.
  • Remove all tape, staples, paper clips, glue or other attachments from the prints.
  • Non-conforming photos such as those smaller than a wallet, larger than 8×12, mounted, torn, Polaroids, negatives and slides will not correctly feed through our automated equipment. These can be custom scanned for an additional charge.

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